Thursday 6 December 2018

It's no Hello Kitty: I queued up at 4.30am for McDonald's My Melody holder this morning

McDonald's announced that it would start giving out the My Melody holder on Dec 6 at 4am.

I went to the McDonald's at Yew Tee at 2am to see if there was a queue

There wasn't, but it looked like McDonald's was preparing for one.

So I decided to go home and come back later. I overslept and got there at 4:30am.

By then, there was a queue but not crazy long like the Hello Kitty queues of yore.

A McDonald's worker was giving out this queue ticket for the My Melody holder.

I waited about half an hour for my turn to order.

Other people got multiple My Melody holders.

It took another 5 minutes to get my order, a Sausage Egg McMuffin meal with black coffee and My Melody.

This was what it was all for?

UPDATE: I'm selling my McDonald's My Melody holder on Carousell for $1,001