Friday 6 March 2009

No no, it's not incestuous at all: Glenn Ong is our Brad Pitt

“I can't wait to see who Glenn marries next.”

That was what I wrote in a column a week after MediaCorp radio deejay Glenn Ong announced his separation from his second wife, former deejay Jamie Yeo, on Valentine’s Day eve.

Now, only less than two weeks later, my man hasn't let me down.

Glenn, whose first wife is deejay Kate Reyes, has declared his love for fellow deejay Jean Danker who used to date fellow deejay Daniel Ong and Don Richmond, a former deejay.

Don, by the way, is also brother to former deejay Mark Richmond who married and divorced deejay Vernetta Lopez.

Did someone say “incestuous”?

Come on, it’s not like they’re related to each other. (Well, except Don and Mark, but let’s not go there.)

Jean once told The New Paper in 2007 that the deejays tend to pair up with each other because they were “such a tight-knit family”.

Now that’s just wrong. If you’re a family, wouldn’t that lead to inbreeding?

If that’s not alarming enough, Glenn also said in 2007 that having known Jean since she was 16, she was like a “daughter” to him, even though he was only seven years older.

I’m just grateful he didn’t go so far as to adopt her. That would just be too Woody Allen.

To be fair, there are numerous other local non-deejay celeb couplings in MediaCorp and no one accuses them of the “i” word.

Like Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, Evelyn Tan and Darren Lim, Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen, Chen Liping and Rayson Tan, Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz, Tan Kheng Hua and Lim Yu Beng, Wong Li-lin and Allan Wu, James Lye and Diana Ser, and yes, even Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis – all of whom have acted on local TV.

So why are our actors’ love lives so much less interesting than our deejays’?

Because none of the TV people are as prolific and committed a serial celebrity colleague dater as Glenn Ong.

Even Robin Leong only dated Fiona Xie and Jamie Yeo. Glenn topped Robin by actually marrying Jamie.

Glenn is like our Brad Pitt, who also scored a hat-trick by dating Gwyneth Paltrow, marrying Jennifer Aniston and now playing house with Angelina Jolie.

Which means that Kate Reyes is Gwyneth, Jamie Yeo is Jennifer and Jean Danker is Angelina.

I have just one question: Does that mean Daniel Ong or Don Richmond is Billy Bob Thornton?

Answer: Don is Billy Bob while Daniel is Jonny Lee Miller.

- Published in The New Paper, 6 March 2009


Just had to drop you a line to say your column on Glenn and Jean was hilarious.

The 91.3 team, most of whom have worked with one or both of them, myself included, have gotten a great laugh out of it.

We think it may be a fantasy going back to his Perfect 10 days when he worked withy Kate, Jamie, Jean, and Georgina Chang. If he's after "The Full Set", somebody better tell Georgina she's next!

Cheers :)

Jamie Meldrum
Program Director 91.3
SPHUnionWorks Pte Ltd

UPDATE: Will Glenn Ong run out of colleagues to marry?