Sunday 26 June 2011

Kate, Jamie, Jean: Will Glenn Ong run out of colleagues to marry?

Two years ago, when celebrity radio deejay Glenn Ong revealed that he was dating fellow MediaCorp deejay Jean Danker after splitting from another deejay Jamie Yeo, I declared Ong the Brad Pitt of Singapore.

The most common reaction I got, especially from women, was “Eeeeee!”

I had to explain that of course, I wasn’t suggesting that Ong looked anything like Hollywood movie star Pitt, a two-time Sexiest Man Alive and Angelina Jolie’s housemate.

I was merely comparing Ong’s three high-profile relationships with deejays Danker, Yeo and Kate Reyes with Pitt’s three high-profile relationships with actresses Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

At the end of my explanation, the most common reaction I got, especially from women, was another “Eeeeee!”

So I wasn’t surprised that when Ong’s engagement to Danker was announced last week, someone tweeted: “Why is it that when I heard Glenn Ong proposed to Jean Danker I went ‘eeeee’ instead of ‘awwww’?”

Maybe it's because Ong has been divorced enough times to start his own Obedient Ex-wives Club.

It’s like the man is addicted. As someone else put it on Twitter: “Glenn Ong needs to go to wife rehab.”

In an interview with The New Paper on Tuesday, Ong said he struggled to kick the habit. “Deep down, I wanted to get married, but I also resisted it...I was stressing myself out over this for the past year.”

But like most addicts, Ong managed to convince himself that this time will be the last. He said of Danker: “I really, really feel she’s the one.”

Flashback to Nov 1 2004, one month before his second wedding, this was what Ong said about his future second ex-wife, Jaime Yeo, in The New Paper: “Our love seems to be growing, every day is exciting, and I know she's the one.”

Sound familiar?

How many “the ones” are there?

And why do they all have to be fellow MediaCorp deejays?

As another person tweeted: “I think at some point Glenn Ong's gonna run out of colleagues to marry.”

Also on Twitter: “Glenn Ong & Jean Danker to marry next year. Pundits wondering who else in #mediacorp he can date if it fails again.”

On the contrary, as a pundit, I know exactly who else at MediaCorp he can date after Danker, thanks to a reader who used to work with Ong (but didn’t date him, I think, since the reader is a guy) and wrote to me after reading my “Glenn Ong is our Brad Pitt” column in The New Paper.

On Ong dating Danker, the reader wrote: “We think it may be a fantasy going back to his Perfect 10 days when he worked with Kate, Jamie, Jean, and Georgina Chang.

“If he's after ‘The Full Set’, somebody better tell Georgina she’s next!”

Georgina Chang is a senior creative director at MediaCorp – and a former radio deejay. She also used to be a sports columnist for The New Paper and is divorced from Darryl David. She’s hot.

I'm not sure whether Chang should feel flattered or be very, very afraid.

In last week’s interview with The New Paper, Ong admitted that people might say “I’m on the road to becoming Singapore’s Elizabeth Taylor.”

Taylor, who died in March, was married eight times!

(Although to be Taylor, Ong also has to marry the same person twice and one spouse has to die in a horrific plane crash.)

So I was wrong. Who knew that when I called Ong Singapore’s Brad Pitt, I was actually selling him short?

One of Taylor’s most famous movie roles was Cleopatra, queen of the Nile, whereas Ong may be the king of denial when it comes to his addiction.

Friends don’t let friends marry eight times. Ong is almost three-eighth way there.

Someone should do an intervention and save him from himself – and also Danker from becoming the next member of his Obedient Ex-wives Club.

Does anybody have Georgina Chang’s number?

- Published in The New Paper, 26 June 2011


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