PCK Pte Ltd season 3 online

I was the executive producer of this season until I left Mediacorp about halfway through. All the following episodes were written or co-written by me:

Cast The First Scone The resolution to the previous season's finale cliffhanger after the Singlish controversy erupted with the show being criticised by the prime minister. I was hoping to correct Singaporeans' mispronunciation of "Aloysius" with this episode. I failed.

The Wrestler One of my favourites.

Yumseng! A high-concept episode set at a Chinese wedding dinner. Proud of this one.

Prime Suspect From a rather weak story by another writer.

Architect Of The Future So-so with a few nice moments.

Census And Sensibility So-so with a few nice moments.

Excuse Me, Are You An Aquarius? A favourite. Guest stars Lim Yu Beng and Eileen Wee.

When The Bough Breaks Another weak story by another writer. Guest stars future Dim Sum Dolly Pam Oei.

Fowl Play With Fish Ball Another favourite. The best performance by a chicken I've seen anywhere.

birdsandbees.com Somewhat risque episode with a few great moments.

Remains Of The Dame Surprisingly fun, even though it's about death.

Shocking! Fun episode.

The Go-Between Guest stars Aileen Tan as a flirtatious client. Some great moments.

Of Moths And Men A rather contrived story (even by PCK standards) by another writer, but fun.

Dot Conned The script I regret the most. Hamish Brown, who was in The Fool Monty from the previous season, returns.

Durian Durian Silly episode with a great pay-off in the end. Guest stars ventriloquist Victor Khoo and author Jim Aitchinson who writes the Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery book series.

Back Out So-so.

Mango Blind Another silly episode from a story by my wife.

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