PCK Pte Ltd season 8 online

The final season, of which I was the executive producer, is available online on Toggle.

I wrote 10 of the 14 episodes and directed a couple.

The season opens with a four-episode arc about someone trying to kill PCK:

Part 1 - No Good Deed...

Part 2 - Dunkin' Don'ts

Part 3 - Turn A Deaf Ear

Part 4 - Kill Kang

The season is sprinkled with episodes featuring clips from earlier seasons:

Frankie Foo clips - Frankie's Final Folly

Celebrity guest stars - To All The Girls... (directed by Gurmit Singh) with Ricky Martin, Zoe Tay, Lydia Sum, Kenneth Tsang, Fiona Xie, Michelle Chong and more

Under One Roof - Under Another Roof with Moses Lim, Koh Cheng Mun, swimmer Jocelyn Yeo and a surprise cameo by Ang Peng Siong and Gurmit's real daughter

Rosie's parents - Dark Side Of The Loon with Henry Thia as Rosie's father

A few episodes I am especially proud of are:
- Crazy Like A Horse with topless dancers from Crazy Horse and Brian Richmond with his top on

- VR Man (directed by me) with PCK as a 3D animated cartoon

- Skit Contest Special Can you guess the winner?

Plus the Incredible Tales spoof called Incredulous Tale, which guest stars MTV VJ Utt, Suhaimi Yusof (as his Police And Thief character, Sergeant Dollah) and real-life twins May and Choy.

The season (and series) ends with a special hosted by Adrian Pang.

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