PCK Pte Ltd season 2 online

Episodes that I wrote:

Clockwork The first PCK script I ever wrote. It's about Chu Beng wanting to give Margaret a clock as a wedding anniversary present. Who knew that a decade later, I would be writing the PCK movie?

Bloodline The highest rated episode of the series. Chu Kang thinks Ah Ma's old flame might be his real father while Rosie thinks Margaret is turning into a vampire.

Rosie's Rival This episode along with Bloodline and French Connection were selected for The Best Of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd VCD. One of my favourites. Guest stars Michelle Chong as the mistress of PCK's client.

French Connection Another favourite. Chu Kang hits his head and thinks he's a French chef and becomes attracted to his sister-in-law Margaret.

The Fool Monty Yet another favourite. Chu Kang does a striptease on stage.

Toto Chaos Chu Kang's father (played by Gurmit) appears for the first time.

Foolish Heart With Frankie Foo.

Guest Control Guest stars former Showbuzz host Lawrence Chao. Remember him?

Bowled Over Guest stars Daisy Irani and my former New Paper colleague Paik Choo.

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