Friday 30 January 2015

Take me to Church: Never mind Serina Wee, look at Sharon Tan!

Maybe it's just me.

I know everyone's hung up on Serina Wee, but it seems to me that her fellow accused, Sharon Tan, is getting hotter and hotter as the City Harvest Church trial drags on.

Once she discovered bangs, there was no stopping her.

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UPDATE: 21 October 2015 (Judgment Day)

WATCH: Former City Harvest Church (Official) accountant Serina Wee, Kong Hee's deputy Tan Ye Peng and former church...
Posted by TODAY on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UPDATE UPDATE: 20 November 2015 (Sentencing)


15 September 2016 (Appeal)

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7 April 2017 (Appeal verdict)

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21 April 2017 (Starting jail term)


1 February 2018 (Final verdict)

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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu expecting their first child: Twitter reacts

EARLIER: Here are a few choice tweets about the Joanne Peh-Qi Yuwu wedding

COLUMN: What happened to Joanne Peh

Tuesday 27 January 2015

A Christmas card in January

I rarely check my work mailbox (as in a physical mailbox, not e-mail inbox) because I rarely get any snail mail at work.

Yesterday, a colleague noticed something in my mailbox and I found this, a Christmas card date-stamped Dec 15, 2014.

It's from Ms Zaibun Siraj, a former Aware president (1996–1998), who has written to me before.

It was after I mentioned her in my column about the boisterous Aware EGM in 2009, where I said that with her "retro-futuristic purple streak in her hair" and matching outfit, she looked like the Joker.

But I didn't get her snail mail until months after she sent it to The New Paper because, as explained above, I rarely check my work mailbox.

And now, six years later, it has happened again.

In the Christmas card, she wrote some very nice things and I wish I had seen it earlier.

So either she has to start using e-mail or I should check my mailbox more often.

Thank you, Zaibun.

And, uh, merry Christmas to you too.

You goat to be kidding me: Oh sheep! It's the year of the goat puns

There has been some controversy over whether it should be the year of the goat or the year of the sheep.

But a more pressing issue is: How many goat puns can we tahan before the Government introduces a Goat Pun Control Bill in Parliament?

It's getting really baaaaaa-d. This has goat to stop.

But if you can't bleat them...

Monday 26 January 2015

I just discovered the toy collectors' paradise at China Square Central

I never thought of myself as a toy collector, but I may just be in denial.

I started hanging around the toy shops in Plaza Singapura and Bugis Junction with my daughter after she got into Marvel comics and Dr Who.

I may have also been influenced by a few of my toy-collecting colleagues (all male, of course), who display their collection on their desk like an exhibit.

A photo posted by SM Ong (@sm_ong) on

I have bought toys for my family and my colleagues as presents. I have bought McDonald's Hello Kitty toys for myself as a joke.

A photo posted by SM Ong (@sm_ong) on

But lately, I've been buying more and more toy collectibles for keepsake, from the Sharknado Funko Pop vinyl figure to the Lotus Esprit car from The Spy Who Loved Me.

A photo posted by SM Ong (@sm_ong) on

A photo posted by SM Ong (@sm_ong) on

Does that make me a collector?

The answer may lie in how thrilled I was to discover the toy collectors' paradise at China Square Central yesterday.

How come I didn't know about this place before? Did you?

I just happened to be there to meet an old diver friend from the navy, Stewart, whom I hadn't seen in years. He had rented a stall in China Square to sell his collection of toys, DVDs and music books at the weekly flea market.

After my reunion with Stewart, I walked around the building and was astounded to find the number of toy shops there.

On top of that, half of the flea market were also selling toys. The other half were selling vintage stuff like old watches, phones and postcards. Some of the toys are old too.

Here's a bunch of photos I took with my Narrative Clip.

By the time we left the building, my daughter got a Captain American T-shirt ($28) and a deck of Captain America cards ($2) ...

My wife got this naked headless doll ($30)...

And I got this Alfred E Neuman as Green Lantern action figure, which Stewart gave me for free (thanks, man)...

This Hot Wheels Flintstones car for $4...

And from a flea market seller, Greedo ($10, no box) of Star Wars.

He shot first.

I may be going back to China Square next Sunday. Stewart promised me Wham's Last Christmas single on vinyl.

No, I'm not going to start collecting vinyl too. I think.