Friday 8 August 2014

The National Day satay burger death match is on!

McDonald's introduced its new "Shiok Shiok" satay burgers a few weeks ago.

A common complaint was that McDonald's is stingy with the sauce, which resulted in dry satay burgers. Not so shiok.

McDonald's has since responded:
Based on all feedback, all our restaurants will start serving our Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers with more sauce.

This was also what happened in May with the dry rending burgers at Burger King, which I wrote about in my column, Shitty times: Nasi goreng poisoning, $9.70 nasi padang & dry Rendang Burgers.

And now Burger King has introduced its own "real" satay burgers to go head to head against McDonald's "Shiok Shiok" satay burgers.

But has BK learnt from its own mistake as well as McD's to avoid serving any more dry burgers?

The National Day satay burger death match is on!

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