Monday 4 August 2014

No new official NDP song this year? We've got you covered

National Day is almost here.

Since there is no new official NDP theme song this year, the organisers have recycled some of the old ones.

Like this We Are The World-like "I sing one line, you sing one line" cover of Home feat. some questionable rapping by Sheikh Haikel.

And this Mumford & Sons-like cover of Electrico's What Do You See from 2009.

And this mash-up of the 2002 NDP song We Will Get There Singapore and 1990's One People, One Nation, One Singapore.

But while there is no new official NDP song this year, there are a few new unofficial ones I found on YouTube.

This first one by Lorraine Tan is the most professionally produced, but then she had already done several of these.

This one by by Audris Ho is slightly less polished but still tasteful to a fault.

This one could use a better singer and better lyrics than "All these we did for you, my dear".

Who are you calling "my dear"? Is Singapore "your dear"? Can you call a country "my dear"? Also, I think "All this we did for you" sounds more grammatical.

This last one just made me laugh.

NDP goes punk.


UPDATE: Oh, I missed this one. It's sponsored by a 3-in-1 coffee brand.

UPDATE UPDATE: Mr Brown finally releases the video of his new National Day song... about food.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: I received this e-mail from Audris Ho on 8 Aug 2014:

Dear SM Ong,

After reading your 4 August 2014 blog post on "No new official NDP song this year? We've got you covered", I realised there is a misrepresentation of information in regards to “There’s no place like home"

We have registered our song with COMPASS and this is the only video that is authentic :

Yes, you have used the above link tagging it to my name, but I noticed you embedded Vivian Poh’s version of our song as well and said it’s by me.

Firstly, she did not seek permission from us to use our audio track for mv. Secondly, she added on drums and guitar herself without us agreeing to it and leaving people the impression that I’m the one who did it. She has infringed on our reproduction rights and we are now in the midst of working things out nicely with her without alerting COMPASS and/or flagging down her Youtube video.

Charlyn and I really appreciate it if you can update your blog post and embed our link instead of Vivian’s version so that with the ease of playing for viewers, you can help us promote our message across to as many people as possible. We really would like to promote holding an annual NDP songwriting competition and will be grateful if you can mention this in your blog too.

As of now, it is with our great honour that the following parties are helping us to spread this message and we hope with your platform, you can help us to create awareness too:

Featured in:
- 前线追踪 Frontline Ch 8 Aug 8 2014 8pm
- 前线追踪 Frontline Facebook (will be featured after Aug 8 ep is broadcast)
- Eunos National Day Observance Ceremony 9 August 2014 at Eunos CC (700 pax)
- Eunos CC facebook (
- in process of archiving in National Library Board (NLB)

Feel free to contact us if there is anything you need to clarify.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warmest regards,
Audris Ho

EARLIER: We don't have a new NDP song to kick around any more