Wednesday 13 August 2014

What's this ad selling 'cream for men'?

I was puzzled by this huge half-page ad that caught my eye in today's Straits Times.

What exactly are they selling?

What is this "cream for men"?

At first, I thought it was a face or hair cream.

Then why the collage of "illegal sex drugs" headlines on top of the ad?

That suggests that this is an ad for a legal sex drug. The only legal sex drug I know is Viagra, but this is not an ad for a pill.

According to the ad, the cream "helps restore male vitality" and "when used topically, it supports blood circulation to the applied area".

Uh... what area is that?

And why can't it also restore female vitality? Can't women use this cream to "support" their blood circulation too?

Since the tagline is "rediscover your youthful vitality and active lifestyle", I thought maybe it's sports-related.

I was wrong.

I eventually googled Andro cream and learnt that it "helps men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction".

Oh, so that's where you apply it.

Why didn't they just say so in the ad?

This can't be a very good ad if readers have to google their product to figure out what they're selling.

I'm still not quite sure how it works.

What happens after I "apply daily for at least 2 weeks"?

Maybe I'll meet them at Health & You 2014 Booth B27 at Suntec Singapore Hall 401 on 16 & 17 Aug to find out.

Good thing I didn't apply it on my face.

It would have made my hair stand.