Tuesday 24 March 2009

You too can be the next Edison Chen! Here’s how

If you picked up The New Paper on Sunday last weekend, you would’ve also gotten a free bonus guide on how to pick up chicks – and how not to.

The front page story was about a lothario named Gary Ng, touted as “Singapore’s Edison Chen” for his proclivity for filming his female conquests.

Like Edison’s X-rated celebrity pictures, Mr Ng’s videos ended up on the Wild Wild Web for all to see.

Mr Ng is proof that you don’t need to have a cameo in a Batman movie in order to get numerous women to sleep with you.

All you need is to be well-groomed, a Nissan GTR and a vengeful streak. Mr Ng, 29, reportedly began his amateur pornography career after three girlfriends cheated on him in a row.

It also helps if you party a lot. However, Mr Ng didn’t explain exactly how he picked up the various women at clubs such as Dragonfly, St James Power Station and Arena.

This is where Dr Date comes in.

Dr Date, whose real name is David Tian, writes a weekly dating advice column in The New Paper on Sunday.

He can call himself “Dr Date” because he actually has a doctorate – although it’s in Asian studies, not in dating per se, but let’s not nitpick.

According to a New Paper report last year, Dr Date’s qualifications also include “three years of learning from self-help books, personal time with American self-proclaimed dating expert Christian Hudson, the founder of thesocialman.com, and his experience with Beijing women”.

Similar to Mr Ng, what prompted Dr Date to go down this path was a failed relationship.

On his website at powerofbeingasian.com, he calls himself The Asian Rake. It is not known what kind of car he drives.

In his most recent column, a reader named Gerald wrote to Dr Date about how he is talking to “lots of girls” at Clarke Quay. “Amazingly, the things you teach really work,” Gerald gushed.

Dr Date’s advice to meeting women in clubs is simple: Just open your mouth.

“If you strike up a conversation with a girl, it is a compliment to her,” Dr Date wrote last Sunday.

But be warned – one place you should not attempt to practise what Dr Date preaches is on the MRT or the bus.

In the same issue of The New Paper on Sunday was a report about a campaign against sexual harassment on public transport, started by a 20-year-old female undergrad who was a victim. When she was 14, she was sexually harassed by a male student while taking a bus.

And there you have it, your guide to becoming the next Edison Chen.

Just remember to lay off your fellow passengers.

And the video camera.

- Published in The New Paper, 24 Mar 2009