Sunday 9 December 2018

SCSM 2018: My last half marathon?

Taking the shuttle bus from Yew Tee to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon race venue this morning at 3am:

The race village at the F1 Pit Building:

Long wait for the flag-off at 4:30am:

I think I was in the sixth wave which was flagged off at 4:42am:

A woman running in what looked like a plastic sombrero:

1km marker:

I high-fived the neon man:

I was surprised I managed to run the first 5km in half an hour. I haven't done that in a race in a long while.

According to my splits, the 8th km was where my pace collapsed and I never recovered.

I even took a gel.


Approaching the "cooling zone" which doesn't cool at all, although it was fun going through it:

Even the snowman overtook me:

I forced myself to wait until after 15km to take my first drink of the race:

During the last few kilometres, I almost felt like vomiting. Maybe it was the gel?

Jugglers on stilts for some reason:

Approaching the finish line finally!

I made it just under three hours, but I honestly thought I would do better after starting so well. Very disappointed.

And as if to rub it in, my former running mate Baey Yam Keng completed his first half marathon in less than two and a half hours, the bastard!

I think I'm retiring from half marathons. I'm getting too old and injury-prone to improve.

So my last race of the year could be my last race, period.