Sunday 20 May 2018

My first Sundown (half) Marathon

My first night race was last year's Marina Run, which was a miserable experience.

Last night's Sundown Marathon was much bigger and had a better atmosphere.

I was hoping to see my Baey Yam Keng there but he was in the 10km race which was earlier.

This was my first half marathon of the year.

Despite battling a stubborn left leg injury for the past two months, I felt good about the race. At least I wasn't limping or in pain when I ran.

The starting line was near the F1 Pit Building like the Star Wars Run.

Flag-off for the 21.1km race was supposed to be 11.45pm, but was a couple of minutes late.

I lied that I could finish in under two hours to get into the first wave so that I could catch the 3am transport home I booked through ShareTransport. If I had told the truth that it would take me close to three hours, I would have been in the third wave and might have missed my ride.

There were quite a number of U-turns especially in the first half of the race, but I appreciated the wide route in the early part of the race.

I was surprised there wasn't a hydration point until after the 6km mark.

By 12km, I was practically walking at the pace I was jogging.

This was another one of those races where I told myself I was not going to join any more races after this year.

I'm getting too old and too many injuries to keep doing this.

To my surprise, I still had enough petrol in the tamk to sprint the last kilometre.

But my time was still nowhere near my personal best of 2 hours 40 minutes.

After the race, runners were given a green banana. I'm someone who almost never rejects food, but the banana was so unripe I spat it out after one bite.

I didn't have much time after the race anyway. It was close to 3am when I crossed the finish line. I caught the transport to Yew Tee with just minutes to spare.

It was a good thing I lied.