Tuesday 1 May 2018

Mayday, mayday! Remember navy chiobu Clarie Teo? No longer navy but still chio

It has been a year since Clarie Teo left the navy with this Instagram post:

The day has finally arrived, not everyone is meant to set foot into this path, one that took my youthful 4 and a half years & one that I won't regret. I've been standing at the edge of the water, for as long as I can remember. My reflection slowly became someone I don't know, some how I cannot hide how I am, though I tried, worse than being Mulan, I was a movie character constantly on a high speed roller coaster. One thing that won't change is the feeling of being home near the sea but the line where the sky meets the sea, no one ever knows how far it goes, so here I am taking a leap of faith to back away and may the light continue shining brightly ✨ Thank you to everyone who have been on this wonderful journey with me thus far, for all the inspiring words, love, support and admiration. From BMT to NMI and Shipboard, to the batchboys, trainees, kids and amazing people from every single Parade. I hope the next 4 years will be as fruitful and exciting for me. Be happy for me ✨😇 I'll be back to answer all the 101 questions, till then, salute and goodbye to #MyUniformDays 🇸🇬⚓️ (Swipe to see all)
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Last September, she received a PSA scholarship to study mechanical engineering in NUS.

But her Instagram is still fire.


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