Sunday 6 May 2018

Star Wars Run sequel: Not as good as first one

The first Star Wars Run in Singapore was held last year during the big 40th anniversary celebration. Giant light sabres at Gardens by the Bay and all that, remember? Even PM Lee got involved.

So yesterday's run can't help but be a bit disappointing.

Still, it was fun to see people dressed up for the occasion.

Flag-off for the 10km race was at 5pm. Last year's flag-off was closer to sunset.

Because of the time of day, it was also rather hot for a 10km race.

I saw at least one man dressed as Princess Leia.

I was surprised there were pacers for the Star Wars Run.

Running through the tent was a non-event.

Everyone got coconut water at the finish line. You had to walk a little farther for plain water. No isotonic drinks.

After finishing my 10km race, I accompanied my wife for her 5.4km run. The first wave flag-off was at 7.30pm. There were fireworks, which is what we've come to expect at the Stars Wars Run.

There was also a light show in the tent.

So it seems the 5.4km runners got a better deal than the 10km runners.

I consider the 15.4km I covered as training for the Sundown (half) Marathon in two weeks.

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