Saturday 11 February 2017

In defence of the KFC Chizza (sorta)

For the first time, I ordered something at KFC and it was sold out.

I had to return the next day to get my Chizza. Even then, I had to wait 12 minutes to get my order.

What's better than a Chizza?

Two Chizzas!

Admittedly, after the initial excitement, some poeple have been disappointed by the actual thing.

But you have to credit KFC for creating the excitement in the first place. KFC did this before when it brought the Zinger Double Down here.

Sure, the Chizza may not look like in the picture, but neither does the Big Mac.

Although Singapore is not the first country to have the Chizza, it's such big news that its even reported overseas.

It was even mentioned on a US talk show.

What I did was put the Chizza between two slices of bread and made the Chizza Sandwich.

Yes, I hacked the Chizza.

It was fun to try the Chizza once, but I doubt I would order it again.

Thanks, KFC, for making the Year of the Chicken great again.

EARLIER: How 'Max' is the new KFC Zinger Double Down Max?