Wednesday 24 August 2016

The most popular Singapore blogs by monthly visits (July 2016)

This is a follow-up to a blog post I wrote a year ago, re-ranking the top 25 blogs listed by Alvinology.

But that list was puzzling in terms of what Alvinology counted and didn't count as "blogs".

So this time I decided to expand it considerably to include what I think are noteworthy local blogs and websites, which admittedly may also be somewhat arbitrary. But hey, Alvinology started it first.

As before, the data is from Similar Web.

This list is by no means comprehensive or definitive. If there is any blog or website you think should be included but isn't here, let me know.

I decided the cut-off would be 30k visits. If a website had fewer than 30k visits last month, it won't be listed here. Sorry, Eunice Annabel (29.6K). That also leaves out my own blog, which had only 8.20K.

(Blogs with the blogspot subdomain name, like Xiaxue's, are listed twice because Similar Web counts the subdomains and separately.)

Here are the most popular Singapore blogs (or whatever):

Mothership 2.10M

Goody Feed 1.70M

All Singapore Stuff 1.70M

The Smart Local 1.60M

Hungry Go Where 1.4M

Daniel Food Diary 1.30M

Seth Lui 1.30M

Lady Iron Chef 1M

Money Digest 954.50K

Money Smart 933.50K

The Independent 725.20K

Parka Blogs 578.40K

Miss Tam Chiak 507.10K

Passport Chop 423.40K

The Online Citizen 377K

I Eat I Shoot I Post 330.80K

Noob Cook 307.20K

My Fat Pocket 296.2K

Beautiful Buns 245.90K

The Middle Ground 245.20K

Johor Kaki 233K

Sgag 229.20K

Bun Bun Makeup Tips 213K

The Ordinary Patrons 211.80K

The Motley Fool 192.50K

New Nation 174K

Viva Woman 173.90K

TR Emeritus 165.60K

Bumble Bee Mum 155.10K

Salary 146.60K

Dollars And Sense 139K

Aspirant 138.70K

Must Share News 137.80K

Xiaxue 135.10K

Just Run Lah 130.10K

Mitsueki 121.60K

Jeraldine Phneah 113.40K

The Domestic Goddess Wannabe 128.90K

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow 123.90K

Cheekie Monkies 122.80K

Xiaxue 120.90K

Investment Moats 106.50K

Remember Singapore 99.70K

Alvinology 96.20K

Bong Qiu Qiu 96K

Run Society 86.60K

Spring Tomorrow 86.20K

Fiona Seah 84.50K

Super Adrian Me 83.40K

SG Food On Foot 77.10K

A Singaporean Stocks Investor 74.10K

Bong Qiu Qiu 71.30K

Camemberu 71K

The Halah Food Blog 70.60K

Pinky Piggu 69.50K

The Ranting Panda 68.50K

Tech Goondu 63.3K

Peony Kiss 59.20K

Celine Chiam 58.70K

The Baking Biatch 57.80K

Mr Brown 57.20K

Sparklette 57.10K

Yina Goh 57K

The New Savvy 56.80K

Working With Grace 54.20K

The Wacky Duo 53.70K

Missus Chewy 51.90K

Lester Chan 51.80K

Johor Kaki 50.30K

Thoughts Of Real Singaporeans 50.10K

Techie Lobang 47.30K

Transitioning 47K

Only William 46.90K

Makansutra 46.60K

Five Stars And A Moon 45.10K

The Fifth Person 44.70K

The Wedding Vows 44.60K

My Wok Life 44.50K

Mummy, I Can Cook 44.20K

Darren Bloggie 43.40K

Cuisine Paradise 41.40K

Limpeh Is Foreign Talent 41.30K

Chords Haven 41.3K

The Bonding Tool 41.20K

Tiffany Yong 40.80K

The Heart Truths 39.90K

SG Young Investment 39K

Little Miss Bento 38.70K

I Eat And Eat 36.40K

Roseanne Tang 36.30K

Delishar 36.20K

Budget Pantry 34.60K

Naomi Neo 33.20K

Bagaholicboy 33.20K

Singapore Daily 33.20K

Zit Seng 33K

Budget Babe 32.80K

Nicole Choo 32.70K

Dairy & Cream 31.50K