Monday 8 August 2016

Performance Series: Gardens by the Bay: Three down, two to go

Another Sunday morning, another race.

Although advertised as Gardens by the Bay, the third Performance Series run was more Bay than Gardens.

I have found all three Preformance Series 10km routes to be problematic. This time, much of the route was a two-way street, meaning you had to share the path with runners going the opposite direction.

I have complained about the narrow route in the previous races before and now the organisers had literally halved it.

Fortunately, the runners did get to spread out later on.

Despite having run around the bay a few times before, I was still impressed by the view.

Oh, I also caught my first Pokemon along the way.

The finish line was the same as the starting line:

At least the post-race experience getting better:

I appreciate the free shuttle buses to and from the Stadium MRT station.

They were the best part of the race, which may not be saying much.

It was not a good race for me because for the first time, I suffered a groin pull in my left inner thigh during the run.

I hope I recover from that and my plantar fasciitis in time for the Army Half Marathon in three weeks. Where? Around  the bay again, of course.

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