Friday 1 June 2012

Here's a bag to carry your bag

I was at NTUC FairPrice supermarket and bought two 1-litre cartons of F&N Fruit Tree Fresh juice and got a nice recycling bag free.

But then the cashier put the juice and recycling bag into a plastic bag!

Didn't that kinda defeat the purpose of the recycling bag?

Because I buy the juice regularly, I now ask the cashier to put the juice in the recycling bag she's giving me.

If I'm really green, I would use these bags every time I go to the supermarket instead of relying on plastic bags.

I guess I'm not really green.

Speaking of not being green, I ordered a discounted Picard wallet from Zalora and when it arrived, I was amazed by the amount of packaging relative to the size of the wallet.

And see the bubble wrap? Why would a wallet need to be bubble-wrapped? It must be a very fragile wallet.

Well, at least it didn't come in a plastic bag. No, wait ... it did.