Wednesday 6 June 2012

Free Samantha Lo! (Or 'This is not your grandfather's vandal')

She has been arrested for acts of vandalism that included painting “My grandfather road” on the road and placing "humourous" stickers on public property.

And suddenly, Samantha Lo aka skl0 aka Sticker Lady, 25, is the latest cause celebre online.

NMP Janice Koh and failed political candidate Nicole Seah as well as many others have come to her support.

I wonder if Singaporeans would be jumping on the Free Sticky Lady, I mean Free Sticker Lady bandwagon if she were a foreigner.

Or a Ferrari driver.

Actually, I don't wonder at all; no, they wouldn't.

But then a foreign Ferrari driver wouldn't be able to win over Singaporeans' hearts with Singlish phrases like "Press until shiok" and "Your grandfather road".

Free Sticker Lady with every purchase!

I'm disappointed she isn't called the Grandfather Lady. That would've been more "humourous".

As for the “Vandalism or art?” question, I've written about it before, so I'll just leave you with the video below.

COLUMN: Sticker Lady not a stickler for grammar (Free Oliver Fricker!)

UPDATE: 'Sticker Lady' and her accomplice charged with mischief