Monday, 10 December 2018

Hare-brained? I'm selling my McDonald's My Melody holder on Carousell for $1,001

I admit, before last week, I had never heard of My Melody.

But when McDonald’s posted on Facebook last Monday that the My Melody holder “that took Japan by storm” was coming to Singapore on Dec 6 and that you should “grab yours before it’s too late”, I knew I had to grab mine before it was too late.

It was only later I found out that My Melody is a rabbit born in the forest of Mariland, wherever that is, whose favourite hobby is baking cookies with her mother.

Her favourite food is almond pound cake, which she enjoys eating with her best friend, a mouse named Flat, according to

My Melody is also the best friend of Hello Kitty, who is the much more famous Sanrio character, which made me wonder why McDonald’s isn’t offering a Hello Kitty holder instead.

Probably because it wasn’t a Hello Kitty holder “that took Japan by storm”.

Remember when queuing for Hello Kitty merch at McDonald’s was a tradition as Singaporean as ridiculing the Miss Universe Singapore national costume?

The queues got so out of hand in 2013 that the next year, McDonald’s started selling the mouthless feline online and the queues disappeared like Robin Thicke’s career.

The tradition was no more.

So why didn’t McDonald’s sell the $6.90 My Melody holder online too?

One reason could be that My Melody is no Hello Kitty and McDonald’s wasn’t expecting the same demand.

Yet when I went to the 24-hour McDonald’s outlet in Yew Tee at 2am last Thursday, a My Melody queueing point had been set up.

But there was no queue.

So maybe people are just not that into the cute bunny after all.

McDonald’s had announced that it would start selling the holder at 4am and I was two hours early. I was being kiasu for nothing.

So I decided to go home and come back two hours later. But I overslept and by the time I returned at 4.30am, a queue had formed.

Dammit. If I had stayed, I would have been first in line.

Instead, I had to queue for half an hour for my My Melody holder.

It felt like old times when I used to queue (unsuccessfully) for the black Singing Bone Hello Kitty doll back in 2013.

It was also an expected communal experience, waiting in line at an ungodly hour for a children’s novelty item with my fellow Yew Tee residents, which I would have missed out on if I could order the stupid thing online.

Each customer could buy up to five holders, but I bought only one. By 11.30am, it was sold out islandwide, according to McDonald’s.

To show off my achievement, I posted a selfie with my hard-earned My Melody holder in a WhatsApp group of my ex-secondary school classmates.

One of them commented: “OMG. U woke up and Q but only bought one piece?”

Just to make sure that he really hurt my feelings, he included a Rolling On The Floor Laughing emoji.

Another ex-classmate added: “They are being sold on Carousell from $20 - $50.”

Oh yeah?

I’ll show them by selling my My Melody holder on Carousell for $1,001.

Someone else had already listed it on Carousell with the asking price of $1,000, “hoping” it would be mentioned in the newspapers.

That’s why I’m charging $1 more – so that mine is the most expensive.

So far, my listing has 23 Likes.

Woohoo! I’m on my way to making a profit of $993.10 on one lousy holder.

Who’s rolling on the floor laughing now?

My Melody might just become my new favourite character. So cute.

- Published in The New Paper, 10 December 2018

EARLIER: I queued up at 4.30am for McDonald's My Melody holder this morning

Sunday, 9 December 2018

SCSM 2018: My last half marathon?

Taking the shuttle bus from Yew Tee to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon race venue this morning at 3am:

The race village at the F1 Pit Building:

Long wait for the flag-off at 4:30am:

I think I was in the sixth wave which was flagged off at 4:42am:

A woman running in what looked like a plastic sombrero:

1km marker:

I high-fived the neon man:

I was surprised I managed to run the first 5km in half an hour. I haven't done that in a race in a long while.

According to my splits, the 8th km was where my pace collapsed and I never recovered.

I even took a gel.


Approaching the "cooling zone" which doesn't cool at all, although it was fun going through it:

Even the snowman overtook me:

I forced myself to wait until after 15km to take my first drink of the race:

During the last few kilometres, I almost felt like vomiting. Maybe it was the gel?

Jugglers on stilts for some reason:

Approaching the finish line finally!

I made it just under three hours, but I honestly thought I would do better after starting so well. Very disappointed.

And as if to rub it in, my former running mate Baey Yam Keng completed his first half marathon in less than two and a half hours, the bastard!

I think I'm retiring from half marathons. I'm getting too old and injury-prone to improve.

So my last race of the year could be my last race, period.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

It's no Hello Kitty: I queued up at 4.30am for McDonald's My Melody holder this morning

McDonald's announced that it would start giving out the My Melody holder on Dec 6 at 4am.

I went to the McDonald's at Yew Tee at 2am to see if there was a queue

There wasn't, but it looked like McDonald's was preparing for one.

So I decided to go home and come back later. I overslept and got there at 4:30am.

By then, there was a queue but not crazy long like the Hello Kitty queues of yore.

A McDonald's worker was giving out this queue ticket for the My Melody holder.

I waited about half an hour for my turn to order.

Other people got multiple My Melody holders.

It took another 5 minutes to get my order, a Sausage Egg McMuffin meal with black coffee and My Melody.

This was what it was all for?

UPDATE: I'm selling my McDonald's My Melody holder on Carousell for $1,001


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