Tuesday 21 March 2017

Breast 'error' in my column: Yes, please read the entire article first

I received this e-mail from a reader about my Beauty And The Beast column yesterday in The New Paper:
Dear Mr SM Ong,

I am sending this email to you in relation to your spelling in an article you wrote on the 20th Of March 2017 which was posted on TNP's Facebook page. Below i have attached a screenshot of your error and I hope you could use this as reference and a stepping stone for future articles to be released by you.

Error: Breast

Yours Truly

The e-mail came with this attachment:

Before I had a chance to react, I received another e-mail from the same person seconds later.
Dear Mr SM Ong,

My sincere apologies for the previous. Kindly ignore. I was ignorant to not go through the entire article. My bad.

Yours Truly

I'm bemused that the reader was so galvanised by the "error" that he went through all the trouble of screen-grabbing the article and attaching it to the e-mail without reading the article beyond the "error" he spotted.

Because if he had read just one line beyond the "error", he would've realised it's not an error (just a bad joke) and saved himself a couple of e-mails.

Hey, at least I have a reader.

So I'm grateful for that.

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