Friday 17 March 2017

IT Show 2017: 4-hour wait at M1 booth

So I went to the IT Show at Suntec yesterday.

I figured since I was there, I might as well re-contract my M1 mobile plan and maybe get a free phone.

I queued up to get a queue number from a machine. After registering, instead of a piece of paper with my queue number, I received an SMS:

Two hours and 14 minutes?!

Are you kidding me?

I haven't queued that long for anything since paying my last respects to LKY for SG50.

Someone working for M1 told me there were 300 people ahead of me.

I wanted to cancel my queue number, but then thought, why bother?

I left Suntec but then returned two hours later because I changed my mind about buying something at the IT Show.

I looked at the M1 signboard to check the queue number.

This photo was taken at 6.10pm, two hours and 45 minutes after I received my queue number - and more than 100 people were still ahead of me.

I gave up and left the IT Show again.

At 8.07pm, I received this SMS when I was nowhere near Suntec.

"Come back to the M1 Roadshow"? Are you kidding me?

This was four hours and 42 minutes after I received my queue number, more than double the original estimated waiting time.

Eleven minutes later, I received another SMS.

Why does M1 even bother?