Saturday 11 March 2017

Four days in Hong Kong: Scrambled eggs, dim sum and Disneyland


Arriving at Hong Kong airport:

The hotel provided a free phone with 4G!

The Alcatel handset was a life-saver because I couldn't get any service on my own phone even though I signed up for Singtel's ReadyRoam service.

My wife and I took the MTR to the confusingly named Australia Dairy Company, a cafe everyone says you have to visit for its scrambled eggs and toast and terrible service.

Then we went to queue for Jenny Bakery cookies, allegedly the best cookies in the world:

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by a 24-hour Tsui Wah Restaurant (recommended by my wife's friend) in Mongkok for supper, in my case, the pork chop bun:


For breakfast, we went to Mido Cafe, which was just next to our hotel. Google Maps said it was 100m away. That was a lie.

Then it was on to Disneyland!

In the afternoon, we took the train to nearby Citygate mall where we ate at McDonald's because I wanted to compare the Hong Kong McDonald's with the Singapore McDonald's.

We also went to a place called Cafe de Coral, where we had problems with our order.

We returned to Disneyland for the night parade and fireworks with bananas from the mall.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by a place called Dim Dim Sum (another recommendation from my wife's friend) in Mongkok for, well, what else?


For breakfast, we went to Capital Cafe, another scrambled-eggs-and-toast place. I also ordered the macaroni and ham.

We joined a walking tour on Hong Kong island and rode the tram.

Hollywood Road:

For lunch, we went to Kam's Roast Goose and ate goose for the first time in our lives:

In the afternoon, we explored eastern Hong Kong island on our own and took a break at another McDonald's in Cityplaza mall where I had a nap.

In the evening, we went for a two-hour cruise around the harbour for the Symphony Of Lights show, which was a major disappointment.

After the cruise, we visited my wife's nephew who is working in Hong Kong, and he took us to another Tsui Wah Restuarant for a late dinner. I ordered the "Malaysian" beef brisket curry.


We woke up at 11am to check out of our hotel as we were flying home that night. After checking in our luggage at Kowloon station, we went to the Tim Ho Wan at Central station for brunch. We had a hard time finding the dim sum restaurant.

I wanted to compare the Hong Kong Tim Ho Wan with the Singapore Tim Ho Wan and I gotta say, I prefer the Singapore one.

After the meal, we took the MTR to Sogo and Times Square mall, where we stumbled onto a Toast Box. I ordered the Horlicks Dinosaur and took a nap there as well.

Then it was time to head for the airport to catch our flight home.

After the plane landed in Singapore, I discovered I had lost my wallet, which contains cash, credit cards and my identity card. It was a disheartening way to end what had been a fun trip.

But I e-mailed the Hong Kong airport's Lost & Found and they replied the next day that my wallet had been found, which was a relief.

So I have asked my wife's nephew to pick it up for me and I'll probably get my wallet back in a few weeks, which is better than not at all.

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