Tuesday 23 February 2016

Running at MacRitchie: A look back

With MacRitchie in the news because of the debate over the Cross Island MRT line, that seems like a good enough reason for me to put together some of the photos (and a couple of videos) I took with my iPhone while running at the reservoir.

14 May 2014

I started running regularly at MacRitchie after joining my son for his school run there two years ago.

24 July 2014

The first time I ran at MacRitchie on my own, I got a bit lost and somehow ended up at a bus stop opposite Bukit Timah Plaza.

31 July 2014

18 Aug 2014

What I enjoy most about running at MacRitchie is encountering the occasional wildlife.

5 Sept 2014

At MacRitchie, every year is the Year of the Monkey.

19 Sept 2014

25 Sept 2014

19 Nov 2014

8 Dec 2014

11 Dec 2014

14 Jan 2015

4 Feb 2015

Personally, I think the TreeTop Walk is overrated.

Hard wood. Heh heh.

Bird life.

17 Feb 2015

A view from Jelutong Tower.

24 March 2015

Bridal shoot.

19 May 2015

29 June 2015

This sign is outside the Singapore Island Country Club. One wonders if the snakes are inside the club.

16 July 2015

Illegal fishing?

12 Aug 2015

Watch out for the monitor lizard swimming in the water.

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I don't obey this sign.

26 Aug 2015

An uprooted tree after a storm.

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10 Oct 2015 The North Face 100

1 Dec 2015

The most exhilarating runs at MacRitchie are when it rains. I just worry about my iPhone getting wet.

16 Dec 2015

I used to take the bus to MacRitchie in the afternoon and run the 11km route around the reservoir and then take the bus to work. (I work the night shift.)

Later, instead of taking the bus to work, I would run from MacRitchie to my Braddell workplace, which is only about 2km away.

More recently, I started running all the way from my home in Yew Tee to work, passing through MacRitchie. The 18km route takes me about two and a half hours.

29 Dec 2015

It's an Ent from Lord Of The Rings defending the forest from the Cross Island MRT line!