Sunday 21 February 2016

MetaSprint Aquathlon at Palawan Beach: Still not getting into the swim of things

After surviving my first Aquathlon last September at East Coast, I decided to join another one because of the different location, Palawan Beach on Sentosa.

This is what happened this morning.

The water is much calmer here, so the swimming is easier than at East Coast, but despite my improved timing, I once again came in close to last in the swim leg. Even with the rope guides and lack of currents, I still managed to swim all over place.

At least I used the front crawl most of the way unlike in the last Aquathlon where I relied mostly on the breast stroke.

But I was still so slow that I was overtaken by the next wave of swimmers - and possibly the wave after that.

Trying to avoid people swimming into me also contributed to me swimming all over the place.

MetaSprint Series Aquathlon
Posted by Su Mann Ong on Monday, February 29, 2016

The good news is that my results improved over my last Aquathlon results (below).

I cut my overall time from over one hour to 55 minutes. Aided by the cool weather, I reduced my 5km run time by more than a minute. And even my 750m swim time was reduced by four minutes.


I just wish I could stop coming in last in the swim leg.

Even my wife, who took all these photos (except the Finisherpix), asked me: "How is it that even really fat guys can come out of the water before you?"

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