Monday 13 July 2015

Sweating out the Pocari Sweat Run (with a surprise appearance by my sister)

So I completed the Pocari Sweat Run yesterday.

It was advertised as 10km but was actually more than 11km (which was mentioned in the race pack, though some runners complained they weren't informed early enough).

I wore my brand new size 13 red Nike Flyknit Free 4.0 for the first time. The fit was okay, but I could've used more cushioning.

Here I am waiting for the race to start at 6:30am:


I was surprised to bump into my sister running the opposite way because she wasn't part of the race. She called the Pocari Sweat runners "stupid" for paying to run whereas she got to run for free. I couldn't believe she drove all the way from Jurong so early in the morning just to run there.

Finish line:

My only big complaint abut the run was the ridiculously long line for the large 10km finisher's T-shirt. So I got the medium instead as there was no queue. It fits surprisingly well.

For more, read my wife's blog post about the race.