Friday 24 July 2015

Singapore Blog Award winners not as popular as I thought

Last night, the winners of the annual Singapore Blog Awards were announced.

I used to think that you had to be a really popular blogger with lots of traffic to win these awards.

Remember Alvinology's top 25 bloggers and blog sites based on SimilarWeb's monthly visit count that I blogged about yesterday?

Well, none of the award winners are in the top 25.

Does that mean that there's something wrong with the Blog Awards or something wrong with Alvinology's list? (Or both?)

So I went to SimilarWeb to check out the award-winners' stats. As it turns out, apart from Little Miss Bento, all the winners had fewer visits than I did last month.

Not only that, several winners have so little traffic that SimilarWeb can't even provide a number.

Best Topical Blog

Best Health & Wellness Blog

Best Food Blog

Best Travel Blog

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Fashion Blog

Best Individual Blog

Best Family Blog

Best New Blog

I get it that the Blog Awards are supposed to be like the Oscars for blogs. In the sense that the Oscar doesn't usually go to the most popular movies. Just like how despite being the biggest money-maker of the year, Jurassic World is unlikely to get even a nomination for Best Picture.

It's not a popularity contest. It's about quality over stats, which aren't all that accurate anyway.

But still, to give awards to blogs that don't even have enough traffic to show on SimilarWeb, I'm sorry but that's just fucked up.


Fiona Seah wrote me on Facebook:
Best doesn't mean Most Popular as they were chosen by the judges. There's another category for the top 10 most popular blogs.

Yes, I'm aware of the "10 most popular blogs".

Only Johor Kaki is in Alvinology's top 25.

As for the rest:

So it's a very loose definition of the term "most popular".

By the way, also won last night for Best Beauty Blog.

There's also a category for Most Popular Beauty Blog won by

True enough, the Most Popular Beauty Blog has more traffic than the Best Beauty Blog.

It's interesting that the Singapore Blog Awards makes a distinction between "best" and "most popular", suggesting that being good doesn't necessarily make you popular and being popular doesn't necessarily make you good.

But then the Best Cooking Blog and the Most Popular Cooking Blog is the same blog, The Domestic Goddess Wannabe.

So it seems being "most popular" can mean many things, including "not enough data".


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