Tuesday 14 July 2015

Why is Cathay giving out 'condoms' to moviegoers?

So yesterday, I went with my wife to see Magic Mike XXL at Jem, which is owned by Cathay Organisation.

As I was buying the tickets, the woman reminded me that the movie was rated M18. She warned me in all seriousness that the ushers could ask me to produce proof that I was 18 or above.

I'm 49 years old, but I do look young for my age, especially with my new haircut.

She then gave me the tickets along with two small shiny packages with something round inside:

I swear I thought they were condoms at first.

Maybe it was because of all that talk about being over 18 and Magic Mike XXL is about male strippers.

Maybe Cathay figured the condoms would come in handy in case my wife becomes "excited" after watching all the hot male bods in the movie and I have to perform my husbandly duty with my own hot male bod.

How thoughtful of Cathay. It should have provided a pair of 50 Shades Of Grey handcuffs as well.

I didn't know Singapore had become so sexually progressive.

Looking puzzled, I half-jokingly asked the woman: "Are they condoms?"

She didn't even crack a smile. "We don't give out such things," she said.

"They're pins."


I left the ticket counter and opened the packages. This is what is inside:

Just promotional items for the new local movie Our Sister Mambo opening this week. Written by Michael Chiang of Army Daze fame, the movie stars Michelle Chong and Moses Lim.

How disappointing.

Now I kinda wish they were condoms.

Or handcuffs.