Tuesday 14 October 2014

To Singapore with history: Now imagine Lim Kay Tong as Lee Kuan Yew

The Battle For Merger reprint.

The battle for To Singapore, With Love.

Lim Kay Tong cast as Lee Kuan Yew in the upcoming movie 1965.

It won't be given an NAR classification by MDA like To Singapore, With Love because the $2.8 million-budget 1965 is "supported" by MDA under its Production Assistance Scheme, which means money.

Yes, Singapore taxpayers, see where your money is going.

With all this revisiting of Singapore's history, I decided to do some revisiting myself on YouTube.

First up, the 2005 three-part Discovery channel documentary, The History Of Singapore, produced to coincide with the nation's 40th birthday.

This next video is from the DVD that accompanied the book Chronicle Of Singapore (50 Years Of Headline News) 1959-2009.

Finally, someone edited together the scenes of Lim Kay Tong as a communist from the 1989 Australian TV mini-series Tanamera: Lion of Singapore. (Don't miss the surprise ending where he's apparently shot by a ...)

Talk about revisionist history.