Wednesday 1 October 2014

Online petitions: Bad news, good news for Han Hui Hui

In the wake of Hecklegate, someone has created an online petition to "revoke Han Hui Hui's Singapore citizenship", which now has more than 4,000 supporters.

Wait, online petitions are still a thing?

Does anyone really expect Miss Han's IC to be taken away if the number of petition supporters reaches a certain magic figure?

Is that figure higher than 19,988, which is the number of signatures the online petition to "remove Tin Pei Lin as MP" got?

Or higher than 23,835, which is the number of supporters that the "close down" petition got?

4,000 is already higher than 3,368, which is the number of supporters the "return our CPF" petition got.

Ironically, that last petition was started by Roy Ngerng, who is also part of Hecklegate along with Miss Han.

So based on the petitions, more people actually want Miss Han's citizenship revoked than want their CPF back.

That is bad news for Miss Han and her Return Our CPF gang.

But all these numbers don't really matter since none of the online petitions have achieved their stated goals.

So it's good news for Miss Han that Ms Tin is still MP, Stomp is still stomping away and I haven't got my CPF back yet as this means Miss Han is likely to keep her citizenship too.

Then why are people still creating online petitions and signing them since they're so ineffectual?

Because they let people express themselves and show their unhappiness with the current state of affairs without making any real change.

Like protesting at Hong Lim Park.

Hey, at least online petitions don't frighten any special needs children.

And it's better than doing nothing, right?

I'm still upset that my "McDonald's garlic chilli sauce sucks!" petition got only one signature - mine.

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UPDATE: The "revoke Han Hui Hui's Singapore citizenship" petition has reached over 6,000 signatures.

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