Wednesday 25 April 2012

Beware the savage roar ... of 1983?

A new eatery opened at Yew Tee last month called 1983.

Yes, the name is a number. The number is a year. This is taking the retro theme too far - or not far back enough. I would get it if it were 1988 (double fortune), but why 1983?

Is it because the final episode of the original Star Wars trilogy, Return Of The Jedi, was released in 1983?

Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Every Breath You Take also came out that year. I was half-expecting to hear Karma Chameleon playing inside.

To me, 1983 is just too... modern.

For nostalgic purposes, I would pick a year that at least pre-dates the personal computer and VCR. Like a year in the 60s, like say 1965 (Singapore's independence) or 1969 (Woodstock), although I understand 69 has a another meaning.

Even a year from the 70s would've been okay as long as it's before punk and disco, like say 1971. Imagine.

What year would you choose?

As it turns out, there's a story behind 1983, according to the plaque below.

Apparently, someone named Ah Goh opened a popular nasi lemak stall in Singapore that year, hence the name.

No surprise then that the signature dish at 1983 (not owned by Ah Goh, I assume) is the pandan nasi lemak, which I have to admit is pretty good, mostly because of the fried chicken and fragrant rice.

I also like the beef rendang, which reminds me the canned spice pork cubes I used to love when it was only $1.15 a can. Now it's like double that.

But whatever meat dish is below kind of sucks.

The food is at least an improvement over Pick & Bite, the previous tenant at this location.

What if Ah Goh had started his stall a year later? 1984 has a very different connotation.

UPDATE: On 8 July 2012, my wife ordered butter toast at 1983 and got mouldy bread.

So we're boycotting the place.

FEBRUARY 2014 UPDATE: 1983 shuttered.