Monday 16 December 2019

I queued up for opening of Five Guys and got the milkshake with bacon (and a free T-shirt!)

So Five Guys opened its first outlet in Singapore this morning. I was there.

I reached Plaza Singapura at 9.55am. A short queue had already formed.

Although it was a cool day, people in the queue were given bottled water by restaurant staff.

And not just any bottle water, but chilled Evian bottled water. Wah, so high class.

And then someone else came out to give us the menus.

The restaurant opened one or two minutes before 11am and I got a picture of the first guy in the queue making his order at the cashier.

People in the queue were also given goodie bags.

In the bag were a T-shirt, sunglasses and other Five Guys swag.

When it was our turn at 11.15am, my daughter and I ordered two burgers, two milkshakes and a large Cajun fries. We both opted to add bacon to our milkshakes.

Ours was order #15.

There was a rather random giant box of peanuts in the restaurant. Because the peanuts seemed to be free, I took some.

While waiting for our food, I took a selfie with the guy who was a first in line. He's a 14-year-old American student from the United World College named Ryan.

He said he started queueing at 4am. I asked him when the second person in the queue showed up. He said 7am. Both he and I laughed.

I asked whether his parents knew what he was doing. He said yes.

Any regrets, I asked. He said no. Ha!

It was almost 11.30am by the time we got our food. The milkshakes came earlier. The burgers and fries took a while longer.

The burger came a little wet and crumbly. It was messy to eat but tasted okay. My daughter said Shake Shack is better.

I enjoyed the milkshake because of the bacon bits in it.

It was the first time I ever queued for the opening of a restaurant and Five Guys made it fun with its friendly staff and unexpected free stuff.

I went back to have a look at the place at 4pm after a movie and was surprised to see no queue outside the restaurant.

So it seems Five Guys may not be as popular as Shake Shack.

Now we just have to wait for In-N-Out to come to Singapore.