Tuesday 3 December 2019

Sorry for the inconvenience: I apologise for enabling the Standard Chartered Singapore (half) Marathon by joining it

I know people are angry about the road closures and traffic jam caused by the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on Saturday night.

Especially this guy named Selwyn Koh:

Even though I'm not the organiser, I apologise for all the inconvenience caused as I was one of the runners who took part in the race.

If it weren't for thousands like me, there wouldn't be a Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon and so many people wouldn't have to suffer.

Even during the race, I felt guilty that despite being an extremely slow runner, I was still moving much faster than the vehicles I saw on the road that night.

Because of my inconsiderate behaviour, many were stuck in traffic for hours and late for appointments, even weddings.

Other people shouldn't have to be punished just because I want to punish myself by completing 21km just to get some stupid finisher medal. (Since I joined the half marathon, I didn't even get a finisher T-shirt. Only those who finished the full marathon got a T-shirt.)

Was the medal worth it? Not if I caused my fellow human beings so much pain.

In the future, I promise never to join any organised mass run that require any major road to be closed on a Saturday night so close to Christmas.

If it's any consolation to Selwyn Koh, my quads still ache from the 21km.

UPDATE: The organiser has apologised.

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