Monday 19 June 2017

How Singapore football is like Burger King's new Hainanese chicken burger

What an embarrassment for Singapore.

How could the powers that be let this happen in public for all the world to see? It was so humiliating.

As a Singaporean, I didn’t know who to root for.

I was torn by conflicting emotions.

Or is it a conflict of interest?

On the one hand, country comes first.

On the other hand, Argentina was the team we wanted to see at the National Stadium on Tuesday night.

This headline on the UK’s Daily Mail website gave us no face: “Singapore 0-6 Argentina: Jorge Sampaoli's bizarre 2-3-5 formation wreaks havoc with six different scorers netting against hapless hosts.”

Where are the organs of state when you need them?

Singapore getting beat up by a foreign power appears to be a recurring theme in the news of late.

In this case, some Singaporeans were even rooting for the foreign power as many Singaporean fans wore Argentina colours to the friendly match.

And it wasn’t just the spectators.

Two Singapore players were spotted asking for the jerseys of two Argentina players as they were walking off the pitch at half-time.

Perhaps the Singapore players wanted to switch teams for the second half.

Which is understandable, considering the final result.

And the state of Singapore football in general.

While it may be seen as ironic that the match was organised to commemorate the Football Association of Singapore's 125th anniversary, it’s actually quite fitting as the outcome of the match perfectly illustrates the decrepitude of Singapore football after 125 years.

Nobody likes to be on the losing team.

But then you gotta dance with the one that brung ya.

It’s like when Burger King introduced its Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken and Rendang burgers at the same time recently.

As a Hainanese person, I was naturally very excited to finally have a burger named after my dialect.

For too long, just as Singaporeans have been enamoured by foreign football teams, we have been slobbering over foreign burgers like McDonald’s Samurai and KFC’s spicy Korean burgers.

And don’t get me started on the french fries from France.

The problem is, because Burger King introduced the Hainanese and Rendang burgers at the same time, you can’t help but compare the two, therefore pitting brother against brother, I mean, burger against burger.

But like Singapore versus Argentina, it was no contest.

The Rendang burger is a returning favourite. Burger King even learnt from previous mistakes by leaving out the mayonnaise this time.

The fast food chain must have read my 2013 column where I wrote: “Rendang with mayo is a crime against nature and all taste buds.”

The Hainanese burger, however, is a new product and, like the Singapore football team, a bit of a disappointment.

It’s basically just a grilled chicken burger with some weird ginger sauce

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So, as a Hainanese person, I’m torn by conflicting emotions.

Should I remain loyal to the Hainanese burger just because I’m Hainanese?

Or should I try to switch teams like those two Argentina jersey-seeking Singapore players and order the Rendang burger because it’s so much better?

I will need to form a not-secret ministerial committee to look into this.

- Published in The New Paper, 19 June 2017

Frankly speaking

1) The FAS is weak and useless . When they sign Sundram before the election , it really speak volume of their capability.

2) Sundram unfortunately is really not up to the mark.  He should be sack after the Argentina game.

3) the national players is poor.  Lack of creativity, speed, stamina , intelligence .

4) singapore should engage a renown coach and his own scouting team.  You cannot use our own scout who pick the same type of players that cannot propel Singapore forward.

Thank you
Johnny Lee