Friday 17 April 2015

How do you pronounce the name of Cassandra Chiu's guide dog, Esme?

Cassandra Chiu, 35, has resigned from her part-time position as the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind's (GDAB) clients...
Posted by The New Paper on Thursday, April 16, 2015

So a blind woman named Cassandra Chiu has been in the news recently with her guide dog, Esme.

But how exactly do you pronounce "Esme"?

In this first video, it sounds like "Asthma".

Here, it sounds like "Assm".

This video can't make up its mind. It's either "Ass-mee" or "Assm".

This one sounds the best, "Ass-may".

In this video, the narrator pronounces it as "Ass-may" too.

Ms Chiu herself pronounces it as "Ass-may".

According to Wikipedia, Esme can be a masculine name and can also be short for Esmerelda, a feminine name, which adds to the confusion, as it's pronounced differently depending on the gender.

If it helps, Esme the guide dog is female.

By the way, Ms Chiu was the woman radio DJ Joe Augustine called an "asshole" on air last year. I believe we all know how to pronounce "asshole".

And in case you're wondering, Esme Bianco is an actress from Game Of Thrones.

She's no dog.