Tuesday 4 November 2014

Remember, remember, the facial hair of Movember

In my ironic excitement over the Hello Kitty Run, I neglected to announce my ironic participtation in Movember.

Here are the rules:

So I shaved my upper lip hair after the Hello Kitty Run on Nov 1.

This was what my shaved upper lip looked like on Sunday night. (I cheated a little by sparing my lower lip and chin whiskers.)

But I won't shave for the next 29 days.

Last Movember, I did this.

I realise I might have confused No-Shave November with Movember. They are actually two separate events that happen to happen in the same month.

For one thing, Movember has a Singapore strand. No-Shave November doesn't.

Movember is for men's health. No-Shave November is for the American Cancer Society.

Women can join No-Shave November by not shaving their legs, armpits and, uh... elsewhere.

Movember is all about the moustache, which women can't grow. (At least, most women.)

It seems I'm all about causes this month. I'm also joining The Urgent Run this Sunday for World Toilet Day.

Donate here for Movember.

Because I'm all about the cause, about the cause, no stubble.

PREVIOUS YEAR: What I did for Movember