Monday 10 November 2014

Urgent Run recap: Lim Swee Say The Giant Toilet Bowl Shooter

So The Urgent Run happened yesterday morning at East Coast Park.

I shook hands with Minister Lim Swee Say, who was the guest of honour. I also took a selfie with him taking a picture of the giant toilet bowl.

The minister then took a picture of me and Mr Toilet himself, Jack Sim (third from left), with other people in front of the giant toilet bowl. (I also shook hands with Mr Sim but made the mistake of calling him "Mr Teo" for some reason.)

I got this and the next picture from the minister's Facebook.

The ground was wet from the early morning rain.

And now for the mass squat.

Here are Sim and Lim flagging off The Urgent Run.

And that's me standing awkwardly at the start line.

And we're off!

It was supposed to be a 5km run, but like the Hello Kitty Run, it was only about 4km.

The finisher medal is shaped like a toilet roll. But of course.

As promised, free Milo from the Milo van

A selfie with the Milo van man.

And since The Urgent Run is organised by the World Toilet Organisation, plenty of toilets.

Channel NewsAsia covered the event and I can be seen in the video.

I think the event was planned for many more people, but the bib numbers didn't go beyond the 300s. The organisers could've done a better job publicising the run to get more participants. (Learn from the Hello Kitty Run.) It didn't help that the Great Eastern Women's Run was on the same morning.

So not that many people gave a shit.

But I did.

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