Wednesday 5 March 2014

Soap & glory: I went swimming yesterday and...

When I go to the gym or swimming pool, I don't usually bring my own soap or shampoo.

This is because from experience, I know that people tend to leave behind some soap and shampoo in the public shower. I would find them and use them on myself.

Don't "eeeee" me.

It's not like I'm recycling gutter oil for cooking.

With Singapore becoming the most expensive city in the world, I'm just trying to save money where I can.

Since it didn't rain yesterday (again), I decided to go swimming at the wonderful Choa Chu Kang swimming complex, which has a water slide, a wave pool and even a spa pool. All for $1.50 on a weekday.

In the past, I'm grateful just to find any near-empty bottle or packet of body wash or shampoo I could salvage in the shower after my swim.

But yesterday, I hit the jackpot.

Someone left behind a whole bar of soap!

Sure, it was slightly used, but since it's soap, I assume it's clean.

I couldn't believe my luck. This has never happened to me in over three decades of using public showers.

It was like Christmas, Chinese New Year and my birthday all rolled into one.

When I showered, I had never enjoyed soaping myself as much as I did yesterday.

I may be a cheapskate, but at least I'd be a clean cheapskate.

If only I had found some shampoo as well.