Thursday 27 February 2014

Two 1983s, same day, different fates

At Marina Bay Sands.

At Yew Tee.

The one at Marina Bay Sands is basically a food court while the one at Yew Tee decidedly was not. It started out in 2012 as sort of like a more eclectic Toast Box but specialising in nasi lemak. So there was no consistent branding.

I actually liked the pandan nasi lemak (especially the fried chicken that comes with it) but boycotted the place after my wife ate some mouldy bread there.

The Yew Tee outlet later changed its menu to sell what looked like nasi padang, but I never went back because it was way overpriced.

A few days ago, the place finally closed down to my surprise and it made feel a little sad. The space was previously occupied by Pick & Bite which also failed.

But the 1983 at MBS seems to be going strong, even though (or because) it bears little resemblence to the Yew Tee one. There are now also 1983s at NTU, Republic Poly, Ang Mo Kio ITE, Jem and Changi Airport, but I believe the one at Yew Tee was the first.

Can't wait to see what will take over the space. To say goodbye to 1983, let's sing: "Should old acquiantance be forgot..."

EARLIER: Beware the savage roar ... of 1983?

The space has been taken over by McCafe. Yet another McDonald's outlet at Yew Tee. At least it is less unlikely to close down.