Monday 24 February 2014

The so-called art thing at Yew Tee (plus Ann Kok)

A reader, Mr Steven Wong, e-mailed to remind me about two news items last week I might've missed.

One is the news that this sculpture just outside Yew Tee MRT station is being restored after finding a sponsor.

It was earlier reported that the sculpture "faced the possibility of being removed last month due to a lack of funds for repairs".

(By the way, the sculpture is called Tree Of Love, not Tree Of Life as reported by The Straits Times.)

When the artist, Ben Puah, was approached by South West Community Development Council last December to touch up the sculpture, he had given a quote of $6,600.

According to The Straits Times:
He later revised the amount to $4,000 after the council suggested making the restoration a community project and roping in resident volunteers.

Last month, however, the council asked him if he could "do it for free" because it did not have the funds to restore the work. He was told the work would have to be removed if it was not conserved.

"I am very disappointed and sad. This shows no understanding of the arts," he says.

The council has since found a corporate sponsor and volunteers to help spruce up the work.

I live in Yew Tee. So I see this horrid thing practically every day. I would've paid to get it removed. Now it seems I'm stuck with it.

The sculpture creeps me out because it reminds me of the creature from the movie The Thing (both the 1982 and 2011 versions).

Where's Kurt Russell when you need him?

For something slightly less gross, the reader, Mr Wong, also alerted me to the news that my "favourite" Ann Kok has quit MediaCorp.

So that's "one less person for you to poke at", he wrote. Yes, we all know how much I like to poke her.

All I can say is, we'll always have the mammaries.

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