Tuesday 20 November 2012

We are the centre of the universe after all

Singapore is to blame for the latest Israel-Arab War?

How cool is that?

I'm, of course, referring The Huffington Post article by Jim Sleeper headlined Blame the Latest Israel-Arab War on... Singapore?, which is the latest time waster my Facebook "friends" (and probably yours too) have felt compelled to share along with "rebuttals" to the article.

It's like me getting over-excited that Singapore is mentioned in US movies and TV shows, such as Pirates Of The Caribbean and Suburgatory.

Or the Singapore press re-reporting that a Singapore actor had joined a US TV series without pointing out that the series had been a ratings disaster and would most likely be cancelled, which it was a week later.

For The Huffington Post to mention Singapore is almost as exciting to some Singaporeans (like me) as MC Hammer dancing Gangnam Style to the Koreans.

And not only is Singapore mentioned in The Huffington Post, we are discussed in connection to the biggest international news of the week apart from US president Barack Obama hitting on the female leaders of South-east Asia.

The headline "Blame the Latest Israel-Arab War on... Singapore?" alone is worth the price of admission. The inference is that our little island could be the cause of the Middle East conflict.

It's like a headline from The Onion.

Hey, if Singapore is not the villain in the next James Bond movie, I'm throwing out my 007 DVD boxed set (and replacing it with Blu-Ray).

Ken Watanabe can play Lee Kuan Yew and Chin Han can be Oddjob.

The article itself is a fun alternative history thing, sorta like War World Z but without the zombies.

If nothing else, along with Captain Jack and Tom Waits, Mr Jim Sleeper has reaffirmed what I long suspected - we in Singapore are indeed the centre of the universe.

Who needs Psy?