Saturday 17 November 2012

What I saw during my jog tonight

A fountain?

An invisible merlion?

Actually, I think it was a burst pipe.

I also saw a cyclist hit by a car right in front of me on this road.

Amazingly, the cyclist just got up and looked like he wasn't hurt at all. The driver stopped the car and seemed more concerned about the cyclist than the cyclist, although the first thing the driver did was check the front of his car.

I was more concerned that the driver's car was blocking traffic while he was checking on the cyclist.

I continued jogging and absent-mindedly stepped on one of the cyclist's slippers lying on the road. Oops, sorry.

A few weeks ago, I was almost hit by a car at the same spot in almost the same situation except I wasn't on a bike.

By the way, where I jogged is the same area where heaven fell to earth earlier this week on Deepavali morning.

Sadly, by the time I jogged to Pang Sua Canal later that day, the clouds were gone.

So I missed heaven once again.

But at least I saw a fountain at Pang Sua Canal.

UPDATE: A few weeks later on New Year's Day, the Prime Minister was at Pang Sua Canal and I wasn't there too.