Thursday 25 August 2011

Sharon Au talks about herself (a lot) at Tony Tan's rally

There's nothing like some female star power to spice up a presidential election with four greying Chinese men.

So Mr Tan Jee Say had Nicole Seah at his rally. Mr Tan Kin Lian had... uh... Ivy Singh-Lim?

But presidential candidate Tony Tan had an actual TV star, Sharon Au.

Her opening remarks yesterday included: "Mom, if you're here, can you wave?"

And then referring to herself in the third person, Au said: "Many of you out there might be scratching your head, wondering, who is she? Who does she think she is?"

The Tiramisu actress subsequently spent two thirds of her six-minute rally speech justifying why she was speaking at the rally.

"I studied international politics, international law. I did several modules of liberal arts. And I even learned three new languages."

Hmmm ... did she wear glasses because that's Tony Tan's symbol or to get people to take her more seriously?

Later, Dr Tan said he was confident that there would be female presidential candidates in the future.

Did he have Au in mind?

Sharon Au for president in 2023!

UPDATE: Back in 2011, Dr Tony Tan won the presidential election.

COLUMN: The president of Singapore is not a Super MP (wink, wink)