Friday 26 August 2011

Lost in translation: 'Super white' or 'smelly vagina'?

Thanks to a Mr Brown tweet, my wife discovered this video yesterday and played it for me and our two kids. Appropriate?

The Mandarin music video might have something to do with the Japanese horror movie The Grudge because the "super white" boy is in both the video and the movie.

Someone just explained the song to me: "The singer wonders why the boy is so white as it is difficult not to keep looking at him, so let's name him 'Super White'.

"The same lyrics is then repeated and repeated.

"It is a joke, but nothing to do with female genitalia."

Ah, enlightenment.

Then someone else informed me that "the white boy is just an excuse for them to sing ccb, ccb, you are a ccb over and over again".

I'm so disillusioned.