Saturday 1 July 2017

My second Tri-Factor race: Run 5.25km, swim 1km, run 10.5km

Once again, I signed up for a race by mistake.

Because of a typo on the Tri-Factor Series website, I thought I was signing up for a Standard race consisting of a 5.25km run, 500m swim and 10.5km run.

It was only after completing my registration online did I realise the swim leg was actually 1,000m.

The farthest I swam in a race was 750m so one full kilometre was a bit scary for me.

My previous Tr-Factor race was run 6km, swim 500m and run 6km.

So I posted a message on the Tri-Factor Facebook page:

No one from Tri-Factor contacted me, but that's OK.

I just hoped that the swim leg would be broken into two loops, thus making it less intimidating.

When the route map was released, I saw that I got my wish.

My goal was just to survive, not break any personal records.

For the first time, my wife didn't accompany me to a run-swim event in case I drown. I guess I had joined and survived enough of these races that she could be complacent.

So I had to take my own pictures this morning.

I think I have those shoes.

I had never felt so tired after a race.

Usually, after a half marathon, my legs would be in pain. In this case, I felt no pain, but I was so exhausted, I had to lie down for a while.

My time for the 5.25km run was half an hour, which is around my usual time.

I believe I took the longest to complete the 1km swim, 46+ minutes.

And it took me almost 90 minutes to run the final 10.5km, which was about half an hour more than if I hadn't run 5.25km and swam 1km beforehand.

I didn't come in last, although it felt like I did.

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