Monday 28 November 2016

One-North Run: Why you shouldn't organise a race in November

There's a reason the Guns N Roses song is called November Rain, and not, say, October Rain or December Rain.

I remember it rained during the first Hello Kitty Run in 2014. What month was it held? November.

Yesterday morning, the One-North Run 10km race was cancelled because of the weather.

The flag-off was supposed to be at 6:30am. It didn't happen.

So instead, I joined the 5km race, which was delayed from 7:30am to 8am.

I signed up for this race because this is a part of Singapore I've never been before.

Not a particularly scenic route. It's all just office buildings, albeit with some interesting architecture. I doubt I would want to run here again.

Dig my yellow-and-black race ensemble.

The event area was at the new Mediacorp campus at Mediapolis. The only celebrity I saw and recognised was Felicia Chin.

Remind me not to join any more November races in the future.