Monday 27 June 2016

Performance Series: Jurong Lake: Two down, three to go

I've joined the Jurong Lake Run twice before and have fond memories of it.

So I was looking forward to this one in the Performance Series yesterday.

Unfortunately, the route was different. Instead of one big 10km loop, it's two small 5km loops.

And it was not as scenic as I thought it would be. Worse, I had to run it twice.

It was also rather congested in the first round as the path wasn't very wide. The runners started to spread out only in the second round.

Although the weather was clear, the event area was muddy.

Unusually, the 10km start times ranged from 6.30am to 8am, which was good because it gave runners a wide choice.

I chose 8am so that I could get more sleep and take the MRT. By the time I got there, many runners were already done.

I started to enjoy reading what other runners printed on their shirts.

I think they missed out on a great pun here: "We fast."

"Run to eat, eat to run." Quite a contrast to "Verily, we are fasting".

Comparing the two Performance Series runs so far, I would say the Coney Island route was more interesting, but the pre- and post-race experience at Jurong Lake was better.

Except for the mud.

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