Monday 31 August 2015

Who to be in the DC Justice League Run?

First World problem.

Which superhero should you go as if you were taking part in the first DC Justice League Run 2015 in Singapore?

Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, but is the caped alien faster than the Flash, the fastest man alive?

Batman is not fast at all without his Batmobile. Green Lantern was a failed 2011 movie.

Wonder Woman is not even a movie yet and the 1970s TV series was high camp with cleavage.

Pick your superhero and you get a running singlet resembling the costume of that comic-book character. Kids get a T-shirt with all five characters.

The Wonder Woman singlet comes only in the woman's cut. The others are unisex. So women could choose from all five superheroes whereas men got only four. How is this fair?

Amyway, I picked Green Lantern because I wanted something to match my green Altra Superior running shoes, which itself sounds like a name for superhero.

But like true superheroes (or supervillains), a few among the more than 5,000 runners at Sentosa yesterday morning wouldn't let themselves be limited by the apparel offered by event organiser Pink Apple.

There was Robin, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Bane and the Joker. One guy ran the 5km in a complete Spider-Man suit even though - gasp! - the webhead is not part of the DC universe.

Halloween came two months early for these folks.

It cannot be confirmed, however, if any man ran as Wonder Woman.

The DC Justice League Run is also held in Malaysia...


... and Taiwan.

- Published in The New Paper, 31 August 2015