Monday 24 August 2015

Shiver! See PAP candidate Darryl David as an actor back in the cringey 90s

What I find amusing about Darryl David becoming a PAP candidate recently is not just that he was a TV personality, but for the first time, a PAP candidate is someone I've actually worked with before.

Most people know him as a host of The Pyramid Game, but because he was a full-time MediaCorp "artiste" at the time, the company couldn't just let him host one lousy game show. It had to get its money's worth.

So MediaCorp made him act.

The first TV series I worked as a scriptwriter for was Shiver in 1997. I wrote eight out of the 30 episodes.

And David appeared in three of them that I wrote.

So in a way, you can say that Darryl David was the Leonardo DiCaprio to my Martin Scorsese. (Not really.)

I also had small roles in the episodes I wrote, which was how I got to be in a scene with the future PAP candidate once.

That's me at the back.

Fortuitously, I just discovered that Shiver is now available for streaming on the MediaCorp website, Toggle.

So here is the episode, called The Lift, in full. (Video may not work on mobile.)

The interesting casting choice in this episode is that David's mother is Chinese, which reflects real life, but the actress playing his wife is not.

Another episode, called Miss Singapore, is the first script I ever wrote. In it, David plays a photographer opposite Jamie Lee. 'Memba her?

Here is the episode in full.

In the episode called Inside, David appears alive briefly in the beginning but is a corpse for most of the episode. As an additional bonus, the episode also features Tan Kheng Hua in a rather skimpy costume.

Here is the episode in full.

Before Shiver, David was a regular cast member in the sitcom Happy Belly.

Like his marriage to Georgina Chang, David's acting career is something no one talks about now.

You can see why.

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